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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LIMU - My Family's Truth - 5 Months

August of 2012 I began my LIMU Experience. Over five months later. I am still going strong. LIMU Original, the nutrient-packed, super seaweed juice has changed our lives. Not only have we as a family experienced life-altering physical changes, we are feeling great, and making some extra spending saving money!
Most of our physical changes occurred within the first month and you can read about them here, here, and here. But what is most remarkable to me is the continued general wellness we have noticed. We feel good, are sleeping well, and are enjoying an active lifestyle. We have fared well in a very bad flu season and have not battled with constant runny noses. With two young children is school, that speaks volumes!
It's interesting how we really didn't notice several changes until thinking back to how life was before. Like the fact that I never have "stomach issues" after eating out any more. Before LIMU I suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and almost every time I ate out, I ended up in the bathroom. Since I started drinking LIMU, I can't recall the last time I had a problem. And that's a big deal because we eat out several days a week. You would think I would have noticed that I was not having this problem anymore!
My husband just recently discovered that after a lifetime of being completely un-flexible he can actually touch his toes. Really. It's the craziest thing! Over the years, he has gone through phases of trying to stretch on a regular basis to improve his flexibility. He even tried a yoga class with me once(and swore he'd never even attempt that again). Even at his most flexible he wasn't even close to touching his toes. Now, quite remarkably, he can! This change the hubs and I laugh about, but not because it's funny, because it blows our mind!
Honestly, at this point nothing should surprise us. Our personal experiences alone prove to us this stuff works. But if that's not enough, our friends, family, and customers that drink LIMU are having remarkable results as well.
  • My dad: suffered from knee pain for several months, gone after 2 weeks
  • My mother-in-law: suffered from Fibromyalgia, feeling great after a month
  • My brother: high blood pressure, lowered/controlled without meds
  • My sister-in-law: chronic back pain, gone in a week
  • friend: painful ovarian cysts, no more pain or bursting cysts
  • customer: debilitating foot pain, gone after a week
  • friend: chronic allergies, off meds completely
  • customer: high blood pressure, off all meds
  • friend: rheumatoid arthritis, immediate pain relief
  • friend: intestinal tumor, pain gone and size decreased
  • friend(ex-gymnast/dancer): years of chronic knee pain, gone after a week
and the list goes on!
When I first began promoting LIMU, I primarily had financial motives. I wanted to make money. I believed in the business model and knew that this opportunity was special. The product has over 1000 third-party, scientific studies to back it up. The business model is like no other and works for the average person.  The management and training support is incredible. The timing and placement couldn't be better. The LIMU Company has recorded double digit growth % month after month since the relaunch September 2011. And yes, I am making money. Not only that, my family of four drinks LIMU for free! But what I have realized, in a short 5 months, is that the money part is second to how LIMU has changed our health, and those around us, for the better.
Let me help you start your own LIMU Experience!
***I'm no scientist, doctor, or expert on health or nutrition. I have read many of the studies, and even more testimonials, but the only thing I can attest to are my own personal experiences with LIMU.
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