Valentine’s Past: DIY Valentine Cards

In preparation for this year’s Valentine’s Day card making, I was looking back at the last two year’s creations. I have a good time doing these kinds of crafty things with and for my kiddos! I am excited to start on what we have planned for this year. After searching online and on Pinterest, I found lots of great ideas…50 of them, at Design Finch. The kiddos have picked out their favorites and we will be starting them this week! But I’m not spilling the beans on what we are doing! Here’s a peek at what we did the last two Valentine’s Days: 2011

Bee My Valentine, Be my Ladybug
Bee My Valentine
Be my Ladybug Valentine

These were so fun! Both kids were in pre-school, so we only had six or so per kid to make. They took some time to do, but they were well worth it!

Blowpop Sucker Photo Valentine
Blowpop Sucker Photo Valentine

I just love these! I saw this idea somewhere online, and I honestly can’t remember where, but I had to make some of our own. I really like how much personality came through in the photos. I was tempted to do something similar again this year, but the kids had other ideas! Can’t wait to share! I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love and cute cards!! 

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